Dear customers, dear partners, dear friends,

 It is clear that in this world where the speed of information runs so fast, we have to meet all your requirements in terms of product and service quality.

We all went through, for those who could, this worst world crisis (covid19) without precedent since the second war without suspecting that at the moment of hope for a return to recent normality a new crisis would arise without anyone being able to anticipate it.

We have thus entered a new world crisis (Ukrainian conflict) whose effects are as heavy as the covid with the same impacts on the inflationary prices of raw materials and currencies, directly impacting the price of our products.


In Gabon, we are used to managing economic crises given the permanent fluctuation of raw material prices and the various oil shocks of the past.

This is our asset, this is our strength, to know how to manage crises and to go through them! To emerge when a new breath arrives! like a panther reflecting strength, courage, speed, longevity, flexibility and excellence.

 This is why SIVVA, a Gabonese SME opened since 1999 specialized in the importation and distribution of multibrand cars, like the Gabonese panther and its assets,is pleased, with all its employees, to open its DNA to you through its new website in which you can only be conquered and seduced by its identity, its products and services..

 2023 will be for you the opportunity to discover our new models of pickup ZX AUTO which, we are persuaded, will surprise you by their strengths of character and, let us not forget that we are the year of the Rabbit...

 Automotive yours


 Frédéric HAFFRAY

SIVVA Libreville

sivva port-gentil