What is fleet maintenance?

Basically, it's the steps you take to ensure that your vehicles are fit for purpose and operating in good condition. It's important that every vehicle is safe, reliable and can stay on the road as long as possible.

1. The importance of planning.

Regular maintenance helps catch small problems before they become larger and more expensive. Keeping up with maintenance schedules means that vehicles stay in excellent running condition for longer periods of time.

2. Regular inspections help prevent unplanned stopovers


Inspections are the fastest way to detect potential problems with your fleet vehicles. SIVVA's workshop team is specifically trained to provide this type of service to our customers, anticipating and highlighting any deficiencies or problems that require specific intervention or
problems that require a specific intervention.

3. Employing qualified technicians

Our staff is qualified through continuous training provided by the brands we represent, an ongoing investment in serving our customers. Our technicians are able to effectively and efficiently perform preventive maintenance tasks and make necessary repairs. They understand the importance of
comprehensive preventive maintenance procedures.

The adage: prevention is better than cure has never been more true when it comes to fleet fleet maintenance.

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