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Founded in 1999, SIVVA has been a visionary economic player for its B to B customers since its creation by orienting its brands and products according to the demand and the evolution of the market. Pioneer
of the "green" pickup powered by natural gas (cng) as well as a pioneer in the development of an emerging brand of quality and global reputation.
SIVVA has always prioritized in its commercial policy the service, the commercial reactivity and the quality of the after-sales service. The after-sales service is the prior sale.
These notions of service and vision have enabled SIVVA to become a reference and major player in the automotive field.
Finally, SIVVA has long practiced a responsible HSE policy in terms of ethics, compliance and transparency towards our various partners, customers and employees.


To provide global mobility solutions on the Gabonese market adapted to the demand and to the
international context with customer satisfaction as our core mission.


To respond to the upcoming requirement of change, modification and improvement in land mobility


Trust – We value trusting relationships between employees, customers and partners.

Competence – We invest in the competence of our employees, as this is the only way to provide superior products and services.

Ambition – We invest in different sectors and regions at national and international level. We intend to consolidate what we have and go further.

Dynamism – Constant adaptation and innovation to anticipate the evolution and needs of the market.


SIVVA, a Gabonese citizen company, respects the environment, promotes the good management of waste produced within the framework of its activity, encourages good environmental practices among its collaborators and adheres to the policy of a green Gabon: " the trees grow towards the sky ".